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Rycus Flooring is a family owned business established in 1990. Our founder, Ron Rycus, has been in the flooring business since 1972, we offer a huge selection of wood, vinyl, laminate, hardwood, carpet, ceramic and porcelain tile, and natural stone.  We provide full service, custom installation in a friendly atmosphere our 5000 square foot showroom has all the latest products from the leading manufacturers of flooring and many "Green Products".  We specialize in Residential remodeling but also do many new homes and small commercial jobs.  Stop in and see us at 5300 S. Pennsylvania Ave in Lansing, just 1 block south of Jolly Rd.


"Trial By Fire: Local Companies Overcome Arson"

By: Christine Caswell (Article from The Greater Lansing Business Monthly)

Trial by fire was quite literal for the Rycus and Reutter families.  Due to arsonists, both saw their family businesses go up in flames.  But with a lot of community support, they both also defied the odds to reopen their doors and carry on.

Rycus Flooring

"You wonder how you ever made it through such a difficult time," stated Ron Rycus, owner of Rycus Flooring.  "You learn in a hurry how tough you are, how you have to do whatever you can to try to save your business.  Fortunately, we were able to do that."  For the Rycus Family, it was Thanksgiving Day 1997, when their first building at 1004 S. Washington Ave., in Lansing was set on fire by an arsonist.  "We got a call at two o'clock in the morning that the building was on fire," Ron recalled.  "It was like being in the twilight zone.  I remember it was a very, very old night, and it was very clear.  As we got on I-496, I could see this huge plume of smoke, and I knew that it was our store.  When we got there, the building was engulfed in flames.  It got so cold.  It was like my whole body was freezing because of what I was looking at.  There was nothing that we could do.  It's the most helpless feeling in the entire world."  "It was very shocking," added BJ Rycus, Ron's son and the company's Vice President.  "Initially, I thought this fire was in the front of the store, so maybe the back would be okay.  Well, when we came back and saw the damage, it was pretty devastating,  My Parents went home, had Thanksgiving, and I went with my wife to her family's for Thanksgiving Day.  On Friday morning, we basically reconstructed the business from the beginning.  We called our main distributor and asked them about everything that we'd ordered from the beginning of November through Thanksgiving.  We had to reconstruct all of our orders that we had placed."  "We lost about 99 percent of everything," said Ron.  "Not only the merchandise but all of the records all of our invoices, everything was totally gone.  We had to find a way to reconcile everything, and we had to get back in business.  So we went back in the building with the insurance people and tried to salvage whatever we could because we had jobs scheduled for the next week.  We had no merchandise.  We had no phones.  We came back to the house and tried to dry everything out on our garage floor.  Then we got our cell phones and started calling people, and telling everyone this is what happened, and we're trying to reconstruct your information so we can try to help everyone as quickly as we can.  By Monday morning, we had reordered materials, rescheduled jobs and we were going to install that week.  We worked out of the house for two months."  The former site also had two other retail spaces and eight apartments.  "We provided shelter for all of the residents at hotels or The Red Cross," Bj explained.  "No one was injured.  Since it was Thanksgiving, mostly everyone was out of the building and all of the stores were closed."  After the fire, Rycus Flooring relocated to a smaller site before moving to its current building on South Pennsylvania Avenue in 2001.  Whoever started the fire in the original building was never caught.  "Make Sure you review your insurance on a yearly basis and that you have adequate coverage," Ron advised.  "that's probably the most important thing you can do."  "We were very fortunate," he continued.  "We had a very strong customer base, and we had a lot of wonderful people working with us.  That really helped to sustain us, because essentially, your business stops.  you have no revenue coming in, but you still have expenses.  The insurance does help with some of it, but they don't do everything.  If you don't have a successful operation, it becomes very apparent that you could go out of business in a heartbeat.  As bad as things were, I feel glad that we had people who were trying to help us out any way they could.  There are a lot of great people in the world."